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Operationalize Power BI

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1111 West Georgia
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Operationalize Power BI

Speaker: Scott Stauffer, Data Guy SQL Server Toolbox

Summary: How do I take my Power BI Solution and pass it over the wall to IT to manage? They asked me if I can check in my code. They asked me if they can integrate it into their other ETL processes. They asked how to install it on a server… Did you feel like crying, turning around and running for the hills with your tail between your legs? That might have been ITs desire, but in reality, they just don’t want to inherit a train wreck. They want a documented, controlled code base that runs like a well-oiled machine that runs on a schedule, is audited, validated by the business, has a maintenance budget, doesn’t cause any problems and is completely automated. How do we take what we’ve developed and make it more “-able”? What’s out there that will help us package it in a way that IT will recognize, understand, and at the end of the day, accept? We’ve got a few ideas… Come join us as we look at some solutions that we think might help transition your desktop solution to the enterprise.

About Scott: Scott Stauffer (@SQLSocialite) is very PASSionate about data and enjoys meeting with like-minded data geeks. He started the Vancouver PASS Chapter in 2004. In 2008, Scott was recognized by Microsoft with a SQL Server MVP award. In 2009, Scott started a PASS BI Chapter in Vancouver, and was also at one time the PASS Regional Chapter Mentor for Canada. For over 10 years he has been an independent consultant working with clients to solve their data woes and extract insight from their business data.


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